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Ethylene glycol blood test

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In addition, antifreeze may be ingested by way of intentional poisoning or because it is the only available liquid in cold weather. Other sources of EG include some heat-exchange fluids used in solar collectors and ice-rink freezing equipment and some brake and transmission fluids.

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Commercial antifreeze is Ethylene Glycol (C 2 H 6 O 2). After consumption it is oxidized into a poisonous substance. After consumption it is oxidized into a poisonous substance.

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It is lethal in sufficient quantities. The lab can test the specific gravity of the gly- col/water and then cross-reference this result with the refractive index to deduce what type of glycol is present. Apoplastic extracts of cold-acclimated winter rye (Secale cereale L.

cv Musketeer) leaves were previously shown to exhibit antifreeze activity. The objectives of the present study were to identify and characterize individual antifreeze proteins present in the apoplastic extracts.

The highest protein. Order Kits We offer free foam and/or antifreeze testing kits with free shipping within the continental (lower 48) United States. Please indicate quantity needed.

Antifreeze lab
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Ethylene Glycol