Converged networks

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What is a converged network?

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They have vastly different management tools and require completely different skill sets to build and maintain. ETSI groups in the Networks cluster: ARF (Augmented Reality Framework) ATTM (Access, Terminals, Transmission and Multiplexing) CABLE (Integrated broadband cable telecommunication networks).

Converged Networks is a company that sells and services the ESI, Avaya and Nortel product lines.

network convergence

We have decades of experience in the business and are much more flexible in our response times than the bigger players mainly because we are a company that is owned by the employees and we all want to ensure the success of our business and yours.

A10 Networks' application networking, load balancing and DDoS protection solutions accelerate and secure data center applications and networks of thousands of the worlds largest enterprises, service providers, and hyper scale web providers. Featured Products GPON based Fiber Broadband Access.

Tejas TJ OLT is a converged broadband access and packet transport product designed for next-generation optical access networks delivering high-speed FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home), FTTB (Fiber-to-the-Building) and high-capacity packet transport services over optical fiber. A converged network is a data network used by both IT devices and devices traditionally considered as non-IT devices.

Buildings can have many networks, one for each building service or a single network for all the building services.

Converged networks
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