Countries at low levels of development

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List of countries by Human Development Index

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Development and Developing Countries

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There are some countries in this world with a GDP less than $, with populations earning less than $1 a day, life expectancies barely reaching past 40 years old and devastatingly poor levels of health care, school enrolment and adult literacy rates.

Although overall tertiary attainment levels in the U.S. have been high for many years and remain well above the OECD average (30%), they are growing at a below-average ratecompared to other OECD.

7. Inglobal energy consumption stood at around 10TW./2 (See Box ) if per capita use remained at the same levels as today, by a global population of billion/3 would need about 14TW (over 4TW in developing and over 9TW in industrial countries) - an increase of 40 per cent over But if energy consumption per head became uniform worldwide at current industrial country.

___ Human Development Index - Countries with low human development List of countries with lowest human development by standards of the Human Development Index (HDI). The Human Development Index is published annually by the UN. Economic development: Economic development, the process whereby simple, low-income national economies are transformed into modern industrial economies.

Although the term is sometimes used as a synonym for economic growth, generally it is employed to describe a change in a country’s economy involving qualitative as well. a perspective that links global inequality to different levels of economic development suggests that low-income economies can move to middle and high-income .

Countries at low levels of development
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Causes of current low levels of human development - India's Human Development