Family in transition

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Transition Toolkit

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Family Transitions

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Transition to Adulthood

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Jun 16,  · Paetyn, an impish 1-year-old, has two fathers. One of them gave birth to her. As traditional notions of gender shift and blur, parents and children like these are redefining the concept of family.

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This site, developed by Charles Hogshead of Tulsa, Oklahoma, describes the Families in Transition program of the Tulsa District Court and provides forms, resources, child support guideline computations and mediation and mediator lists.

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At the 31st Annual Breakfast on the Bridge, the Bridge Family Center awarded West Hartford Superintendent Tom Moore the Build No Fences Award for his ongoing dedication to the children and families we serve.

Jan 22,  · If you're part of a family business, you know the odds are stacked against long-term success. Only about a third of family businesses survive the transition to a second generation.

Family in transition
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