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Vindicated that this was unlikely but that OCR had different no-one would be endless, Rebecca said:. GCSE - Music (9–1) - J (from ) This is an exciting specification which has a wide range of instrumental choices. In addition to traditional activities, this now includes beatboxing, DJ-ing and sequencing - making it more appealing for both you and your learners.

Welcome to Rhinegold Education, the UK's leading provider of Secondary music education resources, and the only publisher to support all of the Edexcel, AQA and OCR specifications across GCSE and A Level Music and Music Technology, with a complete range of study guides, listening tests and revision guides for each board.

Hello All, Realised there is NO thread for GCSE Music ()! Let alone a specific one for OCR! I thought i'd create this thread so we could discuss our learnings and maybe help each other out a bit with a little bit of everything, including theory, compositions, and even choosing your piece for.

OCR GCSE Music. Area of Study 4 - Descriptive Music Music for Films Composing Sheet. Cover/Homework 2. Film and Background Music.

GCSE grade boundaries 2018 for Edexcel, AQA, OCR and CCEA and when they are available

Cover/Homework 3. Film Music Listening and Composing Sheet. Worksheet 2. Film Music Composing Briefs. James Bond Performing Sheets 1 & 2 - Score 1 & Score 1A (simplified).

Quiz: would you have passed GCSE Music?

OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations) is an examination board that sets examinations and awards qualifications (including GCSEs and A-levels). It is one of England, Wales and Northern Ireland 's five main examination boards, and has been dogged by controversies concerning inaccuracies in its work, ever since its formation.

Jun 01,  · Practice listening questions to help students prepare and revise for the GCSE Music exam. These excerpts will test students on responding to unfamiliar pieces of music.

Gcse music ocr
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