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Oil Painting Techniques

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Henri Matisse Biography

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Henri Matisse. Henri Matisse was born on December 31,in the small industrial town of Bohain-en-Vermandois in northern France. He worked as a legal clerk, studied for a law degree in Paris, returned to a law office in the town of Saint-Quentin, and began taking a drawing class.

Henri Matisse, Goldfish,oil on canvas, x 97 cm (Pushkin Museum of Art, Moscow) Goldfish were introduced to Europe from East Asia in the 17th century. From aroundgoldfish became a recurring subject in the work of Henri Matisse.

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Find great deals on eBay for henri matisse goldfish. Shop with confidence. Henri Matisse () is regarded as one of the great formative figures of 20th century art, alongside Pablo Picasso. As a leader of the Fauvist movement, Matisse spent over half a century exploring the expressive language of colour.5/5(2).

Actively explore masterworks by Henri Matisse. Accurately interpret Goldfish. Effectively demonstrate orally, visually, and/or in writing a deep understanding of Matisse’s masterwork.

Reflect upon learning. Brian shows careful attention to detail. He is planning how to use the green organic shapes. This oil on canvas painting belongs to a series that Matisse produced between spring and early summer Completed seven years after Matisse’s famous exhibition, this painting retains some of the vibrant colour and solid linear patterns associated with Fauves.

Henri matisse goldfish
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