Men better leaders than women

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How Men and Women Differ in the Workplace

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There is no reason why men are better leaders than women. Being a leader, exercising leadership, is not gender based. If being a leader is defined as the strongest person to wield a heavy sword, or shoot the biggest gun, or have the strongest muscles, then that may be so – but in the world of the 21st century leadership and Influential Leadership these attributes are not associated with.

Women and Leadership

These are all the men in Hollywood, politics, business and more accused of sexual assault and harassment since the Harvey Weinstein scandal. A major issue here is not whether women make better leaders than men, but that, fortunately, such a possibility can be raised without eliciting a national outcry.

There is a lot of attention being paid to our increasingly diverse workplace.

Leadership Styles: Men vs. Women

There are all types of differences including race, gender, generations and thinking styles, just to name a few. A post over at The Spearhead a few days ago brought up how men under 30 are more clued in about women than anyone other age group of men.

Several comments basically communicated the fact that men under 30 are increasingly fed up with women: Thanks for mentioning us younger guys. But a new study has concluded that women are better suited to leadership than men. What's more, the proportion of women declines at each stage of an executive career path.

Men better leaders than women
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