Millau viaduct

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Millau Viaduct, France: the Tallest Bridge in the World

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Millau Viaduct

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Millau Viaduct | 10 Facts On The Tallest Bridge In The World

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Millau Viaduct | 10 Facts On The Tallest Bridge In The World

Impressionnant! Splendide!' Suspended between sky and earth, with its slender lines and appearance of a sailing boat, Millau viaduct makes you dream and meets with everyone’s approval. A human challenge, technological prowess, dimensions that take your breath away, perfect integration with the surrounding landscape: it strikes the perfect balance!

The Millau Viaduct. At feet tall, the Eiffel Tower is an impressive structure that soars above the Paris skyline. People marvel at its height and elegant design. Road Trip Filling the gap on the A75 autoroute from Paris to Perpignan, the Millau Viaduct rises up to 1, feet above the Tarn Valley below.

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And it looks good, too. Opened inNorman Foster's magnificent motorway bridge over the Tarn valley at Millau has established itself as one of the must-see modern monuments in France. It is the world's highest multi-span bridge (the deck is ft above the valley floor at its deepest) and the longest suspended bridge in the world, and an engineering wonder of the world, worth the visit.

Millau Viaduct Facts. The incredible Millau Viaduct bridge was opened in December and is the highest bridge in the world, standing meters ( feet) over the Tarn River and is more than meters (1, feet) in height at the top of its highest mast.

It is slightly taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris and only 38 meters ( ft) shorter than the Empire State Building. Jul 04,  · The Millau Viaduct is the highest cable-stayed bridge in the world.

This huge construction with length of almost km was officially opened on 14 5/5(2).

The Millau Viaduct, the world's tallest bridge Millau viaduct
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