Nichrome has a higher resistance than copper

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Nickel Alloys Pipes & Tubes

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Using a high power resistor as a dump load

say i have a 12v car battery with ohms of internal resistance (if im wrong about that, just ignore it), meaning a dead short with copper. CURRENT ELECTRICITY Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf,Interview Questions,mcqs,lab viva,seminar topics,online quiz important free download.

Nichrome has over 65 times the resistance of an equal piece of copper. If a piece of copper and nichrome wires have the same resistance the copper wire will be thinner and/or longer. Nichrome is composes of about 80% nickle and 20% chromium.

Both constituents have a much higher resistivity than copper. Material and Shape Dependence of Resistance. The resistance of an object depends on its shape and the material of which it is composed.

The cylindrical resistor in is easy to analyze, and, by so doing, we can gain insight into the resistance of more complicated shapes. As you might expect, the cylinder’s electric resistance R size 12{R} {}.

is directly proportional to its length L size 12{L} {}.

Nichrome has a higher resistance than copper
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What has more resistance a nichrome wire or a copper wire