Wika construction in overseas

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Wika gets $830m elevated toll road project in Manila

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Wika gets $830m elevated toll road project in Manila

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Check back regularly to find your next favourite book. The SBU building construction designs and builds high rise buildings, including building & facilities of office, residential building, hospital, as well as international airport. From design to construction and commissioning, the Company’s motto is ‘Engineering Excellence’.

(WIKA) has Vision and Mission to be One of the Leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and Investment Company in Southeast Asia, which is in one of the mission is to develop the potential of the State so that can use to maintain strategic efforts for GOES OVERSEAS.

WIKA's strategy of expansion into the appropriate State and as a. The growing construction business in Indonesia is one of the reasons for the Companyto take step and get involved in supporting the dynamic of the concrete industry is which parallelsto infrastructure and economic growth in the local area.

This SBU is managed by the Company’ssubsidiaries, WIKA Beton, WIKA Kobe, and WIKA Krakatau Beton.

Wika construction in overseas
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